Volkan the Blind

Half-blind Artificer

  • Birth Name: Edric
  • Year Born: 1224
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: French
  • Place of Origin: Albi, Languedoc
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Title/Profession: Craftsman

Decrepitude: 0

Warping: 0


  • Adept Laboratory Student (+6 when working from others’ lab texts)
  • Affinity with Craft Iron (Half-again XP from Studying. +2 Ability cap)
  • Cautious Sorcerer (Minus 3 botch dice for spell casting and lab work, min. 1.)
  • Craft Guild Training
  • Greater Characteristic (+1 Intelligence)
  • Inventive Genius (+3 / +6 experimentation when you invent new spells, craft magic items, and make potions)
  • Magical Memory (You do not require a Lab text to reproduce any effect you have previously created.)
  • Masterpiece
  • Puissant Craft Iron
  • Verditius Magic


  • Driven
  • Enemies (Order of Hermes)
  • Missing Eye (-3 to ranged Attack rolls. -1 to melee Attack rolls. You have a “blind side”.)
  • Spontaneous Casting Tools
  • Twilight Prone (Your roll to resist Twilight uses a single botch die.)


  • Intelligence 4
  • Perception -2
  • Strength 2
  • Stamina 3
  • Presence -1
  • Communication -2
  • Dexterity -1
  • Quickness 0


  • Athletics (Grace) 2 (5)
  • Brawl (Dodging) 1
  • Charm (Witty) 1
  • Craft Iron (Armor) 4
  • Craft Leather (Garments) 2
  • Craft Wood (Whittling) 2
  • French Language (Slang) 5
  • Languedoc Lore (Geography) 1 (8)
  • Profession Smith (Running a Smithy) 1
  • Survival (Languedoc) 2
  • Artes Liberales (Logic) 1
  • Latin Language (Lab Notes) 4
  • Magic Theory (Enchant Items) 5
  • Parma Magic (Mentem) 2

Personality Traits

  • Meticulous 1
  • Practical 3
  • Dipolar 2


Magical Arts

  • Creo 5
  • Intelligo 3
  • Muto 6
  • Perdo 5
  • Rego 6
  • Animal 1
  • Aquam 1
  • Aurum 1
  • Corpus 3
  • Herbam 1
  • Ignem 2
  • Imaginem 1
  • Mentem 1
  • Terram 8
  • Vim 2

Spell List 12 spell levels remaining

Lamp Without Flame CrIg10 (Touch,Concentration,Individual)
This spell creates a steady light as bright as daylight on a cloud day. The light has no apparent source, but illuminates an area about 10 paces across, centered on a point indicated by the caster. This point may be a mobile item.

End of a Mighty Castle PeTe25 (Voice,Momentary,Structure)
A single stone structure, such as a castle keep or manor house, crumbles to dust and small pebbles. Anyone inside at the time takes +10 damage from falling and having stones land on them, possibly more if the structure is particularly large.

The Earth’s Carbuncle ReTe15 (Voice,Momentary,Part) Req: Muto
Causes a 1-pace circle of ground to become jagged stone, just under the surface, and those fragments burst into the air. Anyone standing on circle is thrown into the air and hit with flying debris. Damage is +10.

Hands of the Grasping Earth ReTe15 (Voice, Diameter, Part) Req: Muto
Earthen hands from beneath the target rise out of the ground and grasp the target’s ankles. To break free requires a Strength stress roll of 15+. One attempt is allowed per round, and each requires a Fatigue roll. Each hand can be destroyed by beating its +25 Soak roll (hacking weapons do double normal damage) and inflicting a Light Wound.

Crest of the Earth Wave ReTe20 (Voice,Momentary,Part)
Creates a wave in the earth that starts at your feet and travels out to the range of you Voice in a designated direction. It starts as a narrow ripple and within 5 paces reaches its full size of 5 feet high and 30 paces wide. It moves about 50 paces per round. Those caught in its path must make Dexterity stress rolls of 12+ to leap over the wave or they are tossed aside and take +10 Damage. The wave overturns trees and damages buildings in its path.

The Earthly Aegis ReTe23 (Touch,Diameter,Individual) Req: Creo
A thin layer of stone spreads from the spot the magus touches, covering the individual. The stone layer moves with the target, adding +6 to the character’s soak score. If the target suffers a Medium Wound or higher the armor will reduce the wound by one rank before shattering, thus ending the spell.


Volkan the Blind

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